GDEP’s 2022 Metal Recycling Program Results

October 09, 2023


As part of GD Energy Products' 2022 multi-facility metal recycling program, our teams recycled 13,829,475 pounds of metal between seven of our facilities.

As part of our Stewardship 360 program, GDEP is dedicated to our team, community and environment. Because of our team members’ willingness to participate in the program and their dedication to being good stewards of the environment, less waste is sent to landfills, natural resources are less polluted, and economic benefits have been achieved from jobs focused on recycling and processing metals.

GD Energy Products metal recycling

Sommer Warren, GDEP’s HSE manager, said, “I am so proud of our team for participating in GDEP’s metal recycling initiatives. It is a large part of our Stewardship 360 program as we produce less energy in manufacturing recycled materials while achieving cost-savings for an overall sustainable operation.”

Warren added, “Our facilities involved in this program have shown excellent initiative and teamwork to reduce our environmental footprint.”

GDEP is dedicated to incorporating sustainable programs into our daily operations. Learn more about our commitment to ESG:

Sustainability Comes First

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