Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning is the washing of hazardous areas in industrial facilities that require heavy duty pumping equipment producing extreme pressures.

It’s a demanding application because so many industrial sites have heavy machinery and dirt and/or chemicals being dispersed every moment of the day, making water jetting essential to a facility’s day-to-day operations.

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The main challenge associated with industrial cleaning is that the work is never done, which can place the water jetting unit operator (and others) at risk. Employees are constantly exposed to levels of chemicals and other hazardous toxins. Additionally, industrial cleaning in a labor-intensive job that requires the operator to safely and efficiently operate high pressure pumping equipment.


GD Energy Products offers a series of water jet pumps, packaged units and water blasting accessories to successfully clean any industrial type facility. All of our units can be skid or trailer-mounted, diesel or electric, with components that are field-replaceable with hand tools in less than 30 minutes. Contact us today to learn more!

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