Hydraulic Fracturing

Since 1859, GD Energy Products has built a reputation for continuous product innovation and commitment to service. Part of that legacy includes its industry-leading pressure pumping equipment for hydraulic fracturing and well stimulation applications, designed to maximize flow rates and pressure capabilities. Customers prefer our pressure pumping equipment because of its field-tested durability and ease of maintenance.

Our revolutionary products include GD Energy Products’ Thunder pump, which features an 11” stroke and the highest horsepower available on the market today, increasing flow rates and reducing maintenance costs.

The NX fluid end comes standard with Redline™ consumables, Falcon Technology and compatibility with older pumps in the field, saving customers time and money.

When our industry-leading frac pumps are combined with our fluid end and Redline Series of aftermarket parts, service companies and operators alike experience the lowest total cost of ownership for their operations.

This bundled package, backed up our Parts on Demand, Core Exchange and 24/7 customer support and repair, ensure your pressure pumping equipment is up and running for the life of your operations.

Check out all of our well stimulation and hydraulic fracturing equipment to find the solution that’s right for your application.

GD Energy Products GD 3000 heavy duty frac pump
GD 3000
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GD Energy Products GD 2500Q HDF quintuplex pump
GD 2500Q HDF
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GD Energy Products 2250T frac pump
GD 2250T
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GD Energy Products GD C2500 frac pump
GD C2500
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GD Energy Products Thunder 5000 frac pump
Thunder 5000
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