Introducing Stewardship 360 - GDEP’s Commitment to Nurturing Strong Stewards

July 05, 2023


As an industry leader, GDEP recognizes the importance of being responsible stewards of the environment, our team members and our community. GDEP is thrilled to announce a new sustainable initiative called “Stewardship 360,” designed to better communicate GDEP’s goals and opportunities for continuous improvement to our staff, customers and partners.

Stewardship 360 facilitates companywide sustainability programs in alignment with our company culture, values, and servant-leader mindset. Stewardship 360 is represented in GDEP initiatives such as: 

  • Safety and recycling programs
  • Community engagement and volunteer efforts
  • Energy-efficient products, services, and programs
  • Companywide social news and team-building activities
  • Cost-savings benefits for both GDEP and our customers’ operations

Mission Statement:
At GDEP, we are responsible stewards of the environment, our team members and our community. As an industry leader, we must protect the health and safety of our team; reduce waste and increase energy-efficient performance in our products; encourage employee engagement and collaboration through various sustainable programs and processes; give back to our communities; and provide long-term value and cost-saving benefits for both our customers as well as our operations. We believe in the continuous improvement of our team, community, and environment.

GDEP continues to serve each other and leave things better than the way we found it. We take care of what's important, and we invite you to join us in being a responsible steward.

Learn more about Stewardship 360 and related programs below.

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