GDEP Launches Companywide Recycling Program

May 31, 2023


GD Energy Products is thrilled to launch a new companywide recycling program with Closed Loop Recycling (CLR), a business that specializes in recycling and reusing freshly laundered oil absorbents, rags and personal protective equipment (PPE) through a state-of-the-art cleaning service.

Close Loop Recycling Graphic

Tailored to fit each site’s unique needs, this recycling initiative supports GDEP’s goals of being a more sustainable operation while providing cost savings, reducing waste in landfills, and aiding in safety and productivity for our team. CLR handles the setup, site collection and heavy lifting so our team members can stay focused on serving our customers.

The program has proven successful in many of our facilities including Tulsa, Oklahoma; Quincy, Illinois; Aledo, Texas and both the Central Warehouse and Repair Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Our Tulsa branch has already seen significant cost savings since implementing the recycling efforts. By teaming up with CLR on a reusable absorbent program, Tulsa has been able to save nearly 50% of the cost of a disposable absorbent program.

Sommer Warren, GDEP’s EHS manager, said, “GDEP’s partnership with CLR means our team can utilize clean and reusable PPE and shop supplies rather than filling up landfills. Instead of replacing the items after each use, CLR’s laundering service helps our team feel confident they will be using PPE that is freshly laundered and bacteria-free.” 

GDEP incorporates other sustainable programs into our daily operations including metal recycling and solvent recycling programs. Learn about some of our other sustainable initiatives.

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