Horizontal Directional Drilling

High-Flow Pumps for HDD Equipment

Trenchless Technology for Underground Construction

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a trenchless method for installing pipes and cables underground. The process involves boring a tunnel beneath the surface where trenching is not practical.

Boring underground requires drilling fluid that combines water and bentonite clay to help remove cuttings, stabilize the bore, cool the cutting tools, and lubricate pipe string. As the process comes to life, the drilling pump rotates the drill bit which then removes the material. As the drill bit is rotating, the pressure and fluid produced by the drill pump helps stabilize the tunnel. The mud extracted from this process is then filtered and reused for drilling fluid.

HDD is a process usually deployed when installing pipes and cables underneath roads, rivers and other types of infrastructure. Therefore, most jobs come with a challenging set of parameters that demand high rates of accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness. Equipment manufacturers and end-users can trust our +160 years of experience manufacturing pumps for both petroleum and industrial industries.

HDD Pumps

Horizontal directional drilling pumps—also known as drill pumps, HDD mud pumps, and high flow pumps—provide an essential service to the HDD industry.

Our HDD industry pumps offer higher flow rates at slower speeds, ranging from 200 to more than 1000 gpm at pressures exceeding 2000 PSI. Through this more efficient operation, we can help extend the life of our pumps and consumable parts, even in the most demanding HDD projects.

Our lineup of dedicated high pressure HDD pumps come in a lightweight design that eases the burden of transportation and setup while also maximizing their power potential. With max rod loads ratings up to 53,000 and horsepower up to 800 BHP, our HDD high flow pumps can handle tough jobs with ease.

Partnering with GD Energy Products for your HDD equipment also means having an expert team to support you throughout the lifecycle of your pump. We have field service technicians who can come to you with solutions, as well as 24-hour customer service and our Parts on Demand program that ensures you never run out of pump parts when you need them.

It’s all-in service of ensuring that every HDD pump you get from GD Energy Products meets our performance standards and exceeds yours. With easy access to aftermarket parts and consumables, HDD companies can trust they have a truly reliable pump at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Explore our solutions and contact us today for a no obligation consultation on your horizontal drilling HDD pump needs!

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