Electric Fracturing

Less Operating Costs, More Profitability

To keep up with the demand for more fuel efficiency on less capital, pressure pumpers are investing in electric motor and gas turbine fleets. With an 80% fuel savings awarded to operators who opt for natural gas, there is a high incentive for operators to go in this direction.

In addition to fuel efficiency, the use of electric motor and gas turbine fleets have given a pathway to higher horsepower per unit and larger pumps. More horsepower means more flow per unit, and fewer units on-site means less capital equipment.

Along with operating in a more demanding fracturing environment comes a need for more environmentally friendly options due to regulations. Certain firms can only trade stocks with companies that are ESG compliant. As a result, companies will need to approach the future with this growing requirement in mind.

Gas-Powered Pump Installed With Latest Technology

With the new Thunder 5000 pump, companies can now realize the savings of their long-term investment toward their electric motor or gas-turbine fleet. This pump comes designed with an external planetary gearbox allowing pressure pumpers the versatility to drive on their choice of frac fleets.

It’s offset shape brings the crankshaft back to center and makes it easier for installation. It comes available in various gearbox ratios. While the standard gearing inside of the gearbox reduces the speed from 7.5 to 1 ratio, almost every gas-turbine and electric-driven package will use a 11:2:1 ratio.

The Thunder 5000 comes with an 11-inch stroke as opposed to the standard 8-inch pump. It produces the same flow at a 10% slower speed than our competition and accumulates fatigue cycles slower to last longer. The fluid end utilizes GD Energy Products’ latest technology including the NX geometry and the complete line of Redline consumables.

The fluid end is secured with 12 thru-bolts going all the way through the forged bearing rings. Instead of the force focused on the nose plate, it is distributed across more material.

With the right gearbox selection, customers can run at full 5,000 HP and achieve the maximum flow and pressure capability of the pump. Alternatively, customers can run existing drivers, commonly 2250 – 3000 HP, in front of the Thunder Quint. While the engine horsepower limitation will cap the flow capabilities, customers can still experience the benefit of much longer pump life vs traditional pumps.

Versatility With Gas-Driven Frac Pumping Capabilities

Hydraulic fracturing pumps now more than ever need the utmost versatility to run on electric frac, gas-turbine, diesel, or dual fuel. The Thunder 5000 HP Quintuplex design features check all of those boxes by accommodating all of these drivers.

For easy installation and a gas-driven fracturing pump backed by warranty and 24/7 support, contact GD Energy Products today.

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