Hammerless Frac Suction Cover Retainer

The Hammerless Frac Suction Cover Retainer allows for the installation and loading of joints without the use of sledge hammers, reducing the risk of injury to onsite personnel. It improves safety on the jobsite by holding a pump’s valve cover in place during pumping operations, and prolongs fluid end life by eliminating valve cover seal issues, fluid end thread failures and stuck retainer nuts.

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  • For applications up to 17,850 psi
  • Designed to prevent loosening when pumping at high pressures
  • Keeps joint closed up to 17.5 kpsi operating pressure, preventing valve cover movement and prolonging valve cover seal life
  • Eliminates hazards of sledge hammer usage
  • Prevents stuck retainer nuts and eliminates rotation of retainer during operation
  • Can generate approximately 7 times more joint closure force than a normal, hammer-style retainer
  • Push-off force via six jackscrews, which are torqued to generate joint closure force
  • High preload increases fatigue life of fluid end threads, boosting productivity and reliability
  • Helps oil and gas companies meet ever-more stringent safety targets and requirements
  • Upgrade is available for the following GD Energy Products fluid ends: GDNX, TLS-10, Outlaw

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