GD Compact HD

The GD Compact HD was designed to eliminate power-end contamination prevalent in other 600HP short/compact designs, and provide the longest pump life available in the market today.

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600 BHP
Max Rodload
100,000 LBS
Max Pressure
15,000 PSI
Max Flow
558 GPM
GD Energy Products Compact HD Well Service Pump


Use of our proprietary extended life bearings reduces friction allowing the pump to run cooler and last longer. Capable of back-to-back mounting within the road legal 102” limit, the GD Compact HD is the best pump on the market today for your 600HP double pumping needs. Also, in keeping with our commitment to provide the highest level of support to our customers, the original GD Compact is still available.


  • Nodular iron power frame, eccentric, connection rods, and crossheads
  • Spherical roller bearings carry eccentric
  • Double extended Jackshift carried on heavy-duty straight roller bearings
  • Dual roller bearing connecting rod
  • Heat-treated 4140 alloy steel main gears are bolted to the eccentric
  • Replaceable bronze crosshead slides
  • Full splash lubrication, with oil pump to feed working parts
  • Heat-treated alloy steel, interchangeable fluid cylinders
  • Center guided with urethane insert valves and seats
  • Replaceable-type element oil filter and oil pressure gauge
  • Threaded valve covers
  • Bolted-type stuffing boxes with plunger option
  • Clamp connection between plungers or between plated piston rod and extension rod
  • Complete piston washing and lubrication system if applicable


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