Tungsten Carbide Valve Seats

GD Energy Products is proud to bring Kennametal’s Kennaflow Tungsten Carbide valve seat technology to our customers. Designed specifically to work with GD Energy Products fluid ends and valves. Average demonstrated life of over 1,000 hours.

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GD Energy Products understands the challenges of today’s harsh fracking environments and the importance of using products that are built to last. In pursuit of bringing the very best to our customers, GD Energy Products is proud to offer KennaFlow Tungsten Carbide valve seats specifically designed for use in GD Energy Products fluid ends.

Valves and seats are critical components in hydraulic fracturing pumps. As the intensity of frac service increases and the timing between stages decreases, there is a growing demand for components that provide superior abrasion resistance and longer life. GD Energy Products is proud to offer KennaFlow valve seats. KennaFlow seats are made with KennaMetal’s proprietary blend of tungsten carbide specifically designed for frac pump valve seats.

KennaFlow seats achieve operating life of up to 1,100 hours compared to traditional seat operating life of approximately 100 hours, reducing expensive downtime due to change-outs and lowers risk of injury in the oilfield. This allows customers greater uptime and increased revenue potential, as well as reducing the need to manage inventory levels and costs associated with traditional seats.

KennaFlow Seats are offered in P4 and P5 sizes and are designed specifically for use with GD Energy Products fluid ends and valves.

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