Pump Repairs & Overhauls

GDEP service centers and manufacturing facilities are strategically located across the globe

If you have a large-scale repair that cannot be completed in the field, bring your pump to any one of our repair facilities and expect the same level of service and expertise. A highly trained and experienced team of field engineers, service technicians and repair mechanics possess all the necessary skills and insights required to repair or rebuild any pump, all under one roof. Backed by our satisfaction guarantee, you can have confidence that your pumps will operate at peak performance after they leave our facility.

Pump Repairs

Our state-of-the-art repair facilities operate in a constant state of readiness to provide your pumps with the most comprehensive and cutting-edge repair and maintenance services. With facilities strategically located in all major shale plays, we provide our customers with efficient service on a local level.

Pump Overhauls & Rebuilds

Our overhaul and rebuild service is a comprehensive maintenance offering for frac, drilling and well service pumps. This process involves a complete tear down inspection (TDI), resulting in a restored pump prepared to operate at peak condition. Pump overhauls and rebuilds enhance site operations by optimizing pump performance, extending service life, and preventing unexpected downtime.

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