Ensuring a well reaches and sustains its optimal production rates is the primary purpose of well service, stimulation and intervention techniques.

Acidizing, the process of pumping acid downhole, is one of the most commonly used methods for improving production. This process can be used during the initial stimulation and fracturing process to provide a clean wellbore, to enhance fractures, or as an intervention technique to restore production rates by dissolving materials that are blocking the pathways created in the formation.


In any heavy-duty acidizing treatment (acid frac, matrix acidizing or acid stimulation), success of the acidizing can be linked to the pressure and flow rates associated with the well servicing pump utilized to complete the job. In any pumping service, including acidizing, the operator is reliant upon the equipment to safely, and efficiently complete the job. Unplanned downtime can cause an operator to lose revenue and even lose a customer. The operator has to be able to depend on his equipment.


GD Energy Products’ comprehensive line-up of pumps suited for acidizing applications means customers can feel confident their equipment will provide reliable performance as they help their customers ensure optimal well production. Backed by customer service, a Parts on Demand program and unmatched service and repair support, GD Energy Products’ lineup of acidizing pumps are built to get you through the toughest jobs.

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