PZ 2400

Built to meet the demands of the most severe drilling requirements, the PZ 2400 offers 10% more power (2,400 BHP), 30% less weight and a smaller footprint (20% less) of competing pumps in its class. It is, quite simply, a game changer for rigs looking to upgrade their existing equipment or for newer super-spec rigs requiring more power, flow and durability.

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2,400 BHP
Max Rodload
185,000 lbs
Max Pressure
7,500 PSI
Max Flow
1,272 GPM
GD Energy Products PZ 2400 mud pump


Rated at 7,500 psi, and with a 14” stroke, the PZ 2400 enables contractors to drill longer laterals with optimal flow and pressure. Combined with Redline consumables, customers can expect to see improved performance and decreased downtime, lowering customers' total cost of ownership.

The PZ 2400 features a Y-shaped module design, meaning less stress is placed on the pumps internal components and higher flow rates can be achieved with improved fatigue life.


  • 14" stroke allows for higher flow rates
  • Redline consumables mean fewer changes and more predictable maintenance intervals
  • Five-year warranty on the power end makes the PZ 2400 an ideal choice for both super spec rigs and rigs requiring upgrades
  • Y-shaped module design reduces internal stresses and provides a better flow path for improved module life


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