Mud Pump Modules Y-Shaped

GD Energy Products’ patented Y-Shaped drilling module is engineered for today’s high-pressure, high-speed drilling operations. The patented Y-Shaped design provides maximum performance and efficiency at pressures of up to 7,500psi. Engineered for reliability, the module extends service life and reduces maintenance requirements by improving flow and minimizing operational stress.

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GD Energy Products Y Shaped Drilling Module


Developed using decades of drilling expertise and field proven performance, GD Energy Products’ Y-Shaped drilling module builds on our legacy of delivering innovative solutions. Featuring a unique bore geometry, our Y-Shaped module is designed to provide maximum performance and reliability. The module’s two-piece design simplifies routine maintenance and reduces total cost of ownership.

Innovative Design

Our patented internal bore geometry features an API 7 valve assembly to allow fluid to flow smoothly through the module, providing maximum efficiency. The compact vertical dimensions minimize the percentage of un-swept, or “dead”, volume in the module, further maximizing efficiency.

Maximum Reliability

GD Energy Products’ Y-Shaped module is engineered to provide unrivalled reliability. The unique design reduces the stress placed on the module’s cross-bore intersection, maximizing service life and reducing the risk of cavitation. Constructed from premium, heat-treated forgings ensures that our module can withstand the highest pressures, in even the most demanding conditions.

Streamlined Maintenance

The module’s two piece construction and ergonomic, forward leaning orientation work to streamline maintenance. Compatibility with a range of standard GD Energy Products module hardware ensures that parts and spares are available, whenever and wherever you need them.


GD Energy Products’ Y-Shaped drilling module is engineered to provide you with real world benefits, by using features such as:

  • Rated for 7,500psi Operating pressure
  • API 7 Valve assembly reduces fluid velocity
  • Bore seal technology provides improved valve cover, seal carrier, and wear plate seal performance
  • Two-piece design streamlines maintenance
  • Patented internal geometry provides maximum flow efficiency
  • Utilizes standard GD Energy Products module hardware
  • Optimized flow pattern reduces stress at cross-bore intersection
  • Replaceable Suction and Discharge module design

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