Mud Pump Modules F-Series

Made for extended life and maximum strength, GD Energy Products’ F-Series drilling module is well known for its innovative design and rugged reliability, giving customers peace of mind when drilling in today’s tough environments.

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GD Energy Products F Series Drilling Module


For maximum performance and durability, our modules are made from individually forged, heat-treated alloy steel and feature an API 7 valve assembly for improved flow. Our L-shaped design features bore-seal technology for improved seal performance in higher pressures and is compatible with numerous “F-Series” drilling pumps including Honghua®, Bomco® Rongsheng®, Workforce® and other similar designs.


  • Two piece, “will fit” design features compatible mounting footprint with competing designs.
  • Wear plate and valve covers feature bore seal technology for improved sealing.
  • Improved internal bore geometry reduces fluid turbulence and minimizes operating stress during high-pressure operations.
  • Made from heat-treated, 4140 alloy steel.
  • Utilizes API 7 valves for increased flow and lower fluid velocity.

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