Salt Water Disposal

Salt water is a byproduct that naturally accompanies crude oil and natural gas as it is extracted from the ground.

Because of the risk this poses to groundwater, producers are required to manage and dispose of it properly. Salt water is typically reinjected into the ground, or more precisely, into salt water disposal wells. These are disposal sites for the water collected during the production of oil and natural gas. The salt water can also be redistributed into a well for secondary oil recovery. No matter how the salt water is handled, heavy duty pumps are certain to be part of the process.


A single independent operator drilling multiple wells within a robust oil and gas play could produce hundreds of thousands of barrels of salt water per day. And salt water, or brine, is corrosive. The volume and corrosive nature of salt water will challenge the strength and durability of the toughest pumps.


GD Energy Products’ pumps are engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of salt water disposal. With a 160 year legacy in designing and engineering the workhorses of drilling pumps, GD Energy Products has a reputation in the oil patch for quality and strength. And with 24/7 customer service, a Parts on Demand program and unmatched service and repair support, customers can rest assured they have a partner to help see them through the toughest jobs.

GD Energy Products's salt water disposal pumps are built for long-term continuous duty and are backed by reliable 24/7 field service.

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