Built on GD Energy Products’ legacy of product innovation in pumping technology, the GD 800HDD pump is designed to serve a wide variety of HDD applications. This compact, lightweight pump features a high rod load and delivers a flow rate of over 1,000 GPM. The pump's innovative fluid end design also accelerates valve changeout time by more than 5X, resulting in reduced maintenance downtime during operations.

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800 BHP
Max Rodload
53,000 lbs
Max Pressure
2,698 PSI
Max Flow
1,000 GPM
GD Energy Products 800 HDD Pump


  • Featuring GD Energy Products’ industry leading Redline Consumables for extended maintenance intervals
  • Cast ductile iron frame fluid end offers superior strength
  • Large valve covers for easy valve and piston maintenance
  • All parts 100% made in the USA, guaranteeing build quality and reliability in the field
  • Upgraded internal components and seal housing prevent contamination
  • Coated crankshaft bearings to extend power end life
  • Next generation fluid end technology showcasing stainless steel construction and innovative geometry to minimize stress
  • Patented Falcon retainer technology offers a significant 5X increase in speed for valve changes
  • Left or right side suction and discharge connections
  • Left or right handed keyed shaft extension
  • Pressure lubricated power end (via engine driven oil pump - not supplied)
  • Clamp style connections between piston rod and extension rod
  • Rod wash spray bar and baffles
  • Teardrop Spur Gearbox

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