SafeLock Valve Cover

SafeLock is GD Energy Products’ innovative hammerless valve cover lock for drilling pump modules. Engineered for safer and faster removals, SafeLock features a mechanical lock design that only requires a quarter turn to engage/disengage during the installation or removal process. Improved corrosion resistant threading and grease zerks allow for ease of maintenance between service intervals. In addition, SafeLock has a robust handle design that increases leverage and ergonomics for maintenance personnel. Installation is completely tool-less, which reduces removal time and simplifies operation.

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GD Energy Products Safelock Module Valve Cover


At GD Energy Products, the safety of our customers is our top priority. That’s why we developed SafeLock, our innovative hammerless valve cover lock. SafeLock utilizes GD Energy Products’ bore seal valve cover design which requires no preload to create an effective and reliable seal during pressurized operation. Along with easing equipment maintenance, SafeLock’s simplistic design results in a robust and durable product in even the most extreme drilling environments.

SafeLock is offered as an optional upgrade on new GD Energy Products drilling pumps and modules, and can also be used for retrofit on GD Energy Products HD, F and Y series drilling pump modules with bore seal technology.

Simple Operation - No tools, no problems. SafeLock’s quarter-turn design eliminates the need for hydraulic pumps, torque wrenches, drills, or impact guns for installation and removal. To install or remove SafeLock, simply grab the handles and turn 25 degrees, it’s that easy!

Safety & Efficiency Built-in - SafeLock eliminates the need for the dangerous and time-consuming practice of hammering 65+ pound valve covers. The innovative mechanical lock simply drops in and engages with a quarter turn allowing the valve cover lock to be safely installed within 10 seconds.

Advanced Materials - Nickle-plated threads provide a high degree of corrosion resistance, extending performance life. Integrated grease zerts allow for ease of lubrication maintenance between service intervals.

Field Tested - SafeLock has been tried and tested in the field by leading US-based drilling contractors and is backed by the successful completion of Highly Accelerated Load Testing (HALT) over 2 million cycles, at 12,000 PSI.


GD Energy Products’ SafeLock valve cover lock is engineered to help you maximize safety and efficiency during routine fluid end maintenance by providing:

  • Simple operation – quarter turn to engage/disengage
  • 10 second installation/removal
  • Completely tool-free operation
  • Utilizes GD Energy Products’ bore seal technology
  • Corrosion resistant threading
  • Successful completion of HALT over 2M cycles at 12,000 PSI

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