GD 600

The GD 600 is an evolution of the original OPI-600, and a mainstay for pumping units around the world. Rugged construction and rigid quality control ensure the most durable, long-lasting pump so you can get the job done right.

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600 BHP
Max Rodload
100,000 lbs
Max Pressure
16,845 lbs
Max Flow
688 GPM
GD Energy Products GD 600 Well Service Pump


This versatile pump offers left or right side drive, multiple gear-box options, and an optional autofrettaged fluid end so you can have a pump specifically suited to your needs.


  • Left or right gearbox mounting
  • Crankshaft type construction
  • Left or right side suction and discharge connections
  • Hard coated plungers
  • Forged steel fluid end
  • Plunger sizes from 2.75 to 5 inches
  • Replaceable WECO discharge connections
  • Six inch suction manifold with victaulic connections
  • Adjustable packing standard, non-adjustable packing optional
  • Clamp connections between plungers and pony rods
  • Center gauge connection
  • Fluid end tool kit


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