VX Fluid End

Today’s pressure pumping customers demand a lot from their fluid ends – high quality and performance, longevity, and a friendly price point. GD Energy Products designed the new VX fluid end (VX) with those market needs in mind and has introduced a revolutionary new product that satisfies all the critical demand elements of today’s competitive fracking landscape. VX Fluid Ends are available for both GD and most competitor power ends.

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GD Energy Products VX Fluid End


With a smaller forging and simplified external geometry, the VX weighs 2,000 lbs less than standard fluid ends. Our engineers perfected this smaller design to provide equal or greater fatigue life, thread strength, and washout life, to conventional fluid ends.

Although the VX design is smaller, it does not require reconfiguration of piping or iron. The VX utilizes a standard 8-bolt flange configuration and is a direct replacement for the GD Energy Products SGWS and most competitor fluid ends.


  • Compatibility. The form and function of the VX are the same as the SGWS series, meaning the VX is a direct fit to existing 8 in. quintuplex pumps from any manufacturer.
  • Proven Falcon Technology. The service-friendly design reduces maintenance time for valve and seat changes.
  • Ease of maintenance. There are no alignment requirements to suction covers and no special tooling is required to install.
  • Redline consumables. This revolutionary series of aftermarket parts has an exceptional lifespan to extend maintenance intervals.
  • Service & Support. 24/7 aftermarket service and support is available anytime and anywhere you need it.

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