Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing is used in a variety of well service applications, including fishing, acidizing, tubing-conveyed perforating and for plug drill outs.

The tubing arrives on site coiled around a reel and is fed down the wellbore using a mechanically or hydraulically driven injector. Various fluids are pumped through the tubing to complete one or more of the numerous applications.


The continued growth in lateral length in today’s wells has necessitated longer runs of larger tubing and greater pump capability to convey adequate pressure and flow to complete the application at hand. With so much demand placed on the equipment, it’s vital to have pumps that can handle everything the application requires.


GD Energy Products offers the broadest, most advanced line-up of pumps suited for coiled tubing applications. Designed for single or twin pump configurations, our pumps can be mounted in skid, truck or trailer assemblies. Our suite of well servicing pumps are designed to excel in any coiled tubing application. Backed by 24/7 customer service, a Parts on Demand program and unmatched repair support, GD Energy Products pumps are built to get you through the toughest jobs.

GD Energy Products GD 2500Q HDF quintuplex pump
GD 2500Q HDF
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GD Energy Products GD 1000Q HD Well Service Pump
GD 1000Q HD
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