Experience 360

Comprehensive solutions built around pumps, parts, presence and people.
We made our name designing and manufacturing high-pressure pumps and parts, while delivering unmatched service. It's how we've always worked. It's how we'll work for you. From day one.
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Highest Quality. Greatest Reliability. Lowest Lifetime Cost.

From our groundbreaking Thunder Series, to the industry icon PZ-11, discover what operators worldwide have known for decades – nothing works harder for longer than a GD Energy Products Pump.

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Pump University

Invest in your most important assets. Your people and your pumps.

Pump University, GD Energy Products’ mobile classroom that travels to a customer’s facility and trains employees how to properly maintain pumping equipment.

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Onsite Field Service

Designed to reduce downtime, and get your pumps back up and running sooner.

Backed by our state-of-the-art repair facilities, we offer a comprehensive range of on-site services. From power and fluid end inspections and repairs, to hands-on training; we have you covered. Our team of expert technicians can be deployed to your job-site, where and when you need them.

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Parts on Demand

You can’t predict the future. We’ll help you prepare for it.

Parts on Demand let you manage your replacement parts inventory at your regional location, pump site, or even via GD Energy Products Parts on Demand mobile trailers.

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Core Exchange Program

There's no time for downtime.

GDEP’s Core Exchange Program is an equipment-exchange service solution designed to get you back up and running as fast as possible, no matter the make and model of your pump. Simply provide us with the power end in need of service and we will exchange it with a fully remanufactured, factory-certified replacement that is fully tested and painted to your specification.

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Plunger Remanufacturing Program

Recycled and right back to work.

Our plunger remanufacturing program offers a significant cost savings by taking worn plungers and bringing them back to like-new condition. We will bring a collection bin to your location for storing used plungers, and set-up a schedule to pick them up and leave a new bin. After receipt, used plungers are machined back to the bare metal specifications, recoated and refinished to ensure the same quality finish as our new plungers.

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