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GD Energy Products Redline valves and seats are designed for maximum performance, reliability, and to outlast the competition. Our full-open, bonded design provides optimal flow efficiency and maximum sealing. Featuring a proprietary urethane blend, our P-4 and P-5 valve is a field-proven performer in temperatures up to 250°F.

In field tests across multiple harsh environments, our valves and seats lasted an average of 42% longer than the closest competition.

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GD Energy Products understands the demands of the oil & gas industry and its multiple pumping applications. We spent more than a year and worked directly with our customers to develop the best valves and seats in the oilfield. Customers said they wanted long-lasting, easy-to-use valves and seats, and we delivered. From the designs and materials, to our state-of-the- art manufacturing processes, our products are made to be the most durable on the market.

Our valves and seats are color coded for maximum ease of use in every stage of replacement. Each box has a product photo and corresponding label color to make replacement easier for every person involved in ordering, stocking or installing expendables.

GD Energy Products valves and seats are manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas and inventory is stocked throughout our facilities across the U.S. for immediate availability. Customer consignment programs are also available for high volume usage.

To find out more about GD Energy Products’ high-performance consumables, contact us today.


  • Rated for pressures up to 15000 psi and 250°F
  • Full open design for max flow efficiency
  • Compatible with all common frac water chemistries
  • Optimized metalluragy for abraison and chemical resistance
  • Available in P-4 and P-5 sizes
  • Manufactured in USA

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