GDEP Participated in World Oil Webinar: Ways to Increase ESG through new Flaring and Fracturing Technology

November 02, 2022


GD Energy Products was invited to participate in a recent webinar hosted by World Oil, Ways to Increase ESG through new Flaring and Fracturing Technology. Tony McLain, our Vice President of Sales, along with our long-time customer, Seth Moore, COO, Catalyst Energy Services, teamed up for a joint presentation focused on eco-conscious hydraulic fracturing.

Seth showcased Catalyst’s VortexPrime as the first of its kind patent-pending direct drive turbine technology powered by natural gas. VortexPrime delivers power and production capable of up to 5,000 horsepower thanks to our Thunder 5000 technology. This alternative power system coupled with higher horsepower pumps allow Catalyst to do the same amount of work with 8 units that take conventional fleets 20 units. Utilizing less equipment and fewer trailers on the well site results in a smaller footprint, and utilizing natural gas significantly reduces fuel cost for the operator.

Tony demonstrated how GD Energy Products is helping drive our industry forward and supporting the shift to cleaner energy through innovation. With our Thunder 5000 pump capable of being powered by electric motor, dual fuel, or gas turbine drivers, we can help our customers reduce their environmental impact and lower emissions during operations by reducing the number of trucks necessary in their fleet and allow for greater flow at slower operating speeds.

GDEP is proud to be at the forefront of sustainable pumping solutions for our customers, delivering more energy-efficient performance while reducing overall fleet and operational costs. As the industry continues to evolve, we will continue to focus on innovative approaches to what we deliver while reducing our overall environmental impact.

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