GD Energy Products to provide 3000 horsepower pumps to U.S. Well Services for electric fracturing operations

October 25, 2022


GD Energy Products (GDEP), the leading total solutions provider for the drilling, well servicing and frac pumps market, has partnered with U.S. Well Services (NASDAQ: USWS) to supply 3,000 horsepower pumps for their Nyx Clean Fleet®. Each custom-designed pump is powered by an electric drive motor to create an environmentally sustainable frac unit.

Tony McLain, vice president of sales, GDEP, said, “GDEP is committed to innovation and continuous product improvement. Along with USWS, the GDEP team is delivering more efficient and environmentally sustainable operations to the electric fracturing (e-frac) market. By partnering closely with USWS and understanding their operational goals, GDEP developed a 3,000 horsepower pump uniquely designed for their Nyx Clean Fleet®. We will be placing two 3,000 horsepower pumps on one trailer, to make a total of 6,000 horsepower per trailer. Each 6,000 horsepower Nyx trailer will take the place of 2.5 conventional diesel units. This is a strategic step forward as we help our customers reduce their environmental footprint and improve operational efficiencies.”

In an exclusive contract, GDEP will supply pumps across four fleets for USWS, a leading provider of hydraulic fracturing services and a market leader in e-frac stimulation. The pumps for USWS’ new fleets can be run at 3,000 horsepower, which maximizes efficiency by increasing the flow rate across a smaller number of units compared to conventional 2,500 horsepower fleets. This reduction in footprint on location plays an integral part in lowering hydraulic fracturing emissions.

Kyle O’Neill, USWS president and CEO, said, “We are excited to partner with GDEP to deliver the highest quality pressure pumping equipment available in our industry today. By using these custom engineered pumps, we expect to improve the reliability and lifespan of our pumps while providing high efficiency for our customers and reducing total maintenance costs.”

Aerial photo of fracking operation

Matthew Nunez, area sales manager, GDEP, said, “This will be a new deployment for e-frac applications offering an advanced power end design that extends pump service life. Many 2,500 horsepower pumps on the market today have a very short lifespan, which ultimately end up costing more money to run. Our custom design and features will exceed market expectations and lower the overall total cost of ownership.”

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