GD Energy Products scores top ratings in 2020 Oilfield Products Customer Satisfaction Survey

April 04, 2021


Houston, TX

GD Energy Products, the leading total solutions provider for the drilling, well servicing and frac pumps market, has achieved top ratings in five categories in the 2020 Oilfield Products Customer Satisfaction Survey, conducted by EnergyPoint Research.

The survey, which has been conducted annually since 2007, is one of several EnergyPoint studies focused on the oil and gas industry’s satisfaction with the products and services it utilizes and depends upon. More than 50 major products suppliers were listed in this year’s global survey. A total of 33 companies received the minimum number of evaluations to be included in the final rankings.

Overall, GD Energy Products was placed in the top five performing companies in the survey, garnering the top rating in five product categories: mud pumps; onshore applications; horizontal and directional applications; HPHT applications; and shale-orientated applications.

The survey, which was global in nature and included more than 40 questions, was concluded on December 31, 2019. Questions focused on features and attributes shown to drive satisfaction among customers of oilfield product suppliers. These include pricing and contract terms, performance and reliability, engineering and design, availability and delivery, personnel, post-sale support, digital oilfield, and corporate capabilities. Respondents also evaluated companies across multiple product categories, applications and well types. Survey respondents were asked to rate providers of oilfield products with which they have had significant experience as customers within the last 24 months.

Edward Bayhi, vice president and general manager, GD Energy Products, said, "We are proud to have been rated so highly in this survey in multiple categories for the ninth consecutive year. Our top ranking this year in such key categories underlines our on-going commitment to customer service and technical expertise. As always, customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at GD Energy Products."

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