Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

GD Energy Products (“GDEP”) is committed to creating a workplace culture that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”).

GDEP will leverage diversity, equity and inclusion to exceed our business goals, attract and retain the best talent and address today’s global challenges. GDEP is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that encourages diversity, including but not limited to, diversity of thought, experience, background, and skill.

GDEP’s DEI initiatives are applicable—but not limited—to our practices and policies on reporting, recruitment and selection; benefits; professional development and training; community outreach, retention and development programs; and the ongoing development of an inclusive, welcoming, and harassment-free work environment that encourages and enforces GDEP’s DEI Principles, as outline below.

GDEP DEI Principles

1. Representation reporting metrics

a. GDEP commits to evaluate and maintain internal hiring and promotional metrics of diversity in career levels (hourly, professional, manager and executive).

b. GDEP will review these metrics regularly to move toward policies and practices that create a more equitable workforce.

2. Hiring and Recruitment

a. GDEP recognizes the importance of ensuring our hiring efforts reflect our commitments to DEI and to cultivating diverse teams. We believe that the first step toward this is increasing access to a diverse population of candidates that we consider for employment.

b. GDEP will strive to present diverse talent to hiring managers and referral programs on open positions.

c. GDEP will strive to expand the reach of its job postings to ensure accessibility to historically underrepresented candidates.

d. GDEP will regularly review its job postings to consider whether the language used and requirements of each position unintentionally exclude certain demographics of employees.

3. Discrimination and Harassment Free Workplace

a. GDEP wants employees who are confident in their ability to advance their careers in a welcoming and harassment-free environment. We encourage all employees to come forward with any claims of harassment or discrimination.

b. We encourage employees who believe they have been subjected to discrimination to contact GDEP’s hotline reporting service line.

c. Retaliation against any employee for complaining of harassment or discrimination is strictly prohibited and subject to disciplinary action, up to, and including, termination of employment.

d. GDEP commits to implementing equitable policies and procedures, and reviewing those policies and procedures regularly.

e. Violation of GDEP’s Code of Conduct or ethics policy is subject to disciplinary action, up to, and including, termination of employment.

f. GDEP requires employees to take all mandatory annual trainings.

4. Community Investment and Volunteering 

a. GDEP encourages employees to become involved in their local communities lending their voluntary support to programs that positively impact the quality of life within these communities. i. All full-time employees are allowed to take up to 8 hours of paid time off each year to participate in their specific volunteer program.

b. GDEP’s Community Investment Program’s mission is to SERVE local communities in the areas of Public Service; including, education, first responders and social services. It is the intent of the GDEP Community Investment Program to provide grants and/or service to non-profit organizations submitted by GDEP employees through volunteer hours and/or financial contribution. i. Employees may submit applications for funds to be allocated to charities of their choice under the GDEP mission. All requests must be submitted to GDEP Social Committee.

5. Retention and Development Programs a. GDEP is committed to continuous improvement of the retention and development of GDEP personnel, including but not limited to, educational programming.

i. Rising Star Program

1. GDEP sponsors 10 days of leadership mentorship in a management training program called the Rising Star program. The Rising Star program is for selected employees who have been employed by GDEP for one year or more, who are interested in developing their skillset, and who demonstrate significant leadership potential in GD Energy Products. Over the 10 days, Rising Stars are exposed to cross functional leadership, presentation skills and financial training.

ii. Leave of Absence Program

1. GDEP recognizes the importance of home and work life balance, offering enhanced parental leave for new parents well above the federal guidelines.

iii. Immigration Sponsorship

1. GDEP is an equal opportunity employer and provides immigration and legal support to its current and prospective employees who identify as foreign nationals of H1-B status.

iv. Intern Program

1. GDEP believes that students benefit the organization with fresh ideas and perspectives. GDEP’s internship program was created for a mutually beneficial relationship between company and student, to grow and have opportunity within our industry. This program enhances our ability to recruit top talent and build strong relations within the community.

2. GDEP commits to posting internships on recruiting platforms with an emphasis on reaching historically underrepresented students.

GDEP employees are the most valuable asset we have. The collective sum of the individual differences, life experiences, knowledge, inventiveness, innovation, self-expression, unique capabilities and talent that our employees invest in their work represents a significant part of not only our culture, but our reputation and culture.

This policy is subject to change at any time in the sole discretion of GDEP. Employees should direct all questions regarding this policy Lauren.Benson@gdenergyproducts.com.