Cardinal Safety Rules

Report all work-related incidents, near misses, and property damage immediately to your supervisor; regardless of severity.

Never wait and see if a minor strain, contusion, or other injury at work becomes consequential before reporting it to your supervisor. Many “minor” injuries lead to major injuries if not properly addressed right away.

Always use the proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Never perform work tasks without wearing the required PPE every time. Employees are issued PPE at no cost and should inspect the PPE prior to every use. PPE should be replaced upon signs of wear deeming it ineffective.

Your responsibility is to speak up if you see, or witness, unsafe acts.

Never watch, or participate, in an unsafe act being performed. Speak up to stop the job or notify supervision immediately of the unsafe condition.

Comply with machine guarding requirements.

Never remove, disable, or bypass safety guards on machinery. Ensure all guards are re-installed properly after maintenance is complete.

Always use good lifting techniques.

Never attempt to lift objects that are too heavy or awkward for you alone. Get help, or use appropriate lifting equipment, for heavy and awkward objects. Use good posture while lifting.

Only use tools, cranes, machinery, and mobile equipment you have been properly trained to use.

Never attempt to operate any piece of equipment unless you have been properly trained and authorized to use.

Observe and follow safety procedures established for the job.

Never take shortcuts. Use the proper tool for the job. Never enter a confined space unless authorized to do so. Follow established safe work instructions for the task.

Keep your work area clean and orderly.

Never block emergency exits, fire extinguishers, aisle ways, sprinkler heads, and electrical panels. Follow good housekeeping standards for your workspace.

Always be cautious when working with suspended loads.

Never walk, stand, or work under suspended loads. Operators should never move a suspended load over a person or leave a suspended load unattended.

Follow proper procedures when exposed to a potential fall of 4’ or greater.

Never expose yourself to a potential fall of 4’ or more. Ensure guardrails are in place or use proper fall protection after training.

Always follow equipment specific procedures for lockout/tagout.

Never attempt to work on equipment that has not been properly locked out. Never remove another employee’s lock or tag without authorization. Do not attempt lockout/tagout on any equipment unless you are a trained authorized employee.

Be cautious when handling chemicals.

Always return flammable liquids to their proper flammable storage areas. Never store incompatible materials in the same area and never mix wastes.

Always ensure documents are accurate.

Never falsify any document required by State, or Federal regulations, including policy.